// 22.01.2024 - 28.07.2024 / Sala ARCADI BLASCO

Telling Stories, Visual Narratives. MUA Collection

Marco Algovia, Pedro Álvarez, Begoña Baeza, Dis Berlin, Nacho Bolea, Joan Castejón , Cristina de Middel, Cayetano Ferrández, Cristina Fontsaré , Laila Hotait, Alicia Lamarca, Javier Lorenzo, Paloma Muñoz y Walter Martin, Santi Tena

As every year, the Museum of the University of Alicante has renewed the exhibition of its collection by selecting a theme as a starting point to choose the pieces. On this occasion, the selected theme was pieces of art as a storyteller.

“Telling Stories, Visual Narratives, MUA Collection” is an invitation to become immersed in a fascinating universe displayed with 14 creations by 15 artists which allow us to delve into real and imaginary worlds, intimate memories, social problems, love adventures and desire, reflections on the times we are living…transcendent pieces from purely objectual to authentic visual narratives capable of telling moving and intense stories.

Painting, photography, collage and video are the media used to create the exhibited pieces of art.
Painting is an atemporal medium which allows artists to share their concerns, dreams and reveals, their experiences and values, their ideas and imagination.

Photography, definitively released from its documentary nature, is at the disposal of the contemporary creation to became one of the most expressive mediums. We become immersed in frozen moments in time, capturing the essence of an instant and telling us stories of life, love, pain and hope.

Collages, with their capacity to fuse multiple elements, invite us to create unexpected connections and to reinterpret reality. We find a visual language in this format which shows us how different fragments can join together to build a new and emotive narrative.
The video piece in the exhibition tells us with enormous subtlety and sadness a true story full of emotion and social criticism.

“Telling Stories, Visual Narratives, MUA Collection” shows the power of imagination as an endless source for storytelling. Each piece is an open door to the imagination, an opportunity to travel through the gaze and to discover the world through creativity, an enriching encounter with the transformative capacity of art.

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