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Mare Lucidum

Ángel Fitor

Mare Lucidum showcases the biological, plastic and symbolic beauty we can still find in the Mediterranean, while at the same time exploring some of the overwhelming problems facing this sea. Mare Lucidum encourages us to feel a sense of sheer wonder, to reflect on the pleasure derived from knowledge.

This project also compiles some of the photographs that, for nearly three decades, have given shape and meaning to the artist’s career, always with a focus on what the Mediterranean Sea – often mistreated and misunderstood – has to tell us.

Ángel Fitor (Alicante, 1973) is a photographer, photojournalist, professional scuba diver and naturalist specialising in the marine environment. Already at a very young age, a strong vocation led him to devote his entire life to spreading the natural, human and economic values linked to the sea.

His photographic work has illustrated countless international publications, including some of the most prestigious media outlets in the world, such as The Guardian, The New York Times, GEO Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine and National Geographic Magazine.
Ángel Fitor’s images have earned him multiple awards at key nature photography competitions at international level: World Press Photo, Wildlife Photographer of the Year, National Geographic Photo Contest or Sony World Photography Awards, among others.
In 2021 he was named European Nature Photographer of the Year by the German Society of Nature Photography. Deeply committed to sharing his knowledge of marine science and art with the public, he has delivered a vast number of lectures and presentations at public and private institutions of all kinds, most notably the iconic WildPhotos Festival (Royal Geographical Society, London).
He has ample experience as a jury member and adviser to the renowned Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest – organised every year by London’s Natural History Museum – and other international photography competitions.

The artist also works often in the field of nature filmmaking as an underwater camera operator and scientific consultant, having participated in major TV series like Blue Planet II, Our Planet and The Mating Game. His list of regular clients in this industry includes the legendary BBC Natural History Unit, Silverback Films, Netflix or WildSpace.

In 2022, he was appointed as Ambassador for the University of Alicante Alumni Programme for Global Talent – the UA was the institution where he trained as a marine biologist. Also in 2022, he made Forbes’ top 50 list of most award-winning Spaniards, coming in at number 7.

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