Workshop, line, shape and colour: Action painting

Academic year: 1999/2000

The objectives of this workshop were raised, among others, to illustrate the expressive power of colours and lines, the learning process of different methods for applying colour on the format and the variety of lines that mark the rhythm and composition of a picture known. The workshop is aimed at primary and secondary students, with a total of 1,370 participants.

The first part of the workshop consisted of a slide show through a PowerPoint presentation, where the basic concepts of lines, shapes and colours were introduced through the analysis of paintings ranging from neoclassicals, where the pattern is highlighted, to Impressionists, where the fusion of colour spots causes all kinds of lighting effects. Afterwards, an explanation of action painting by American artist Jackson Pollock followed, projecting images relating to the sources of inspiration and the creative process of this towering figure of American Abstract Expressionism.

The most creative part of the workshop consisted of an activity where all the techniques and knowledge learned were moved to a large area of paper placed on the ground following Pollock’s techniques. We tried to make the most of the play-based nature of the painting of this artist, by developing sensory and expressive capabilities of abstraction.

The materials used were finger paints and brushes of various sizes. In order to promote dialogue, respect and problem solving in teams, students worked in groups of four or five.

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