Academic year: 2015/2016

Since 2007, to mark the celebrations of the International Women's Day (March 8), the University of Alicante Museum organises the Visual Arts Call mulier, mulieris. Through artistic creation, the contest has become a space for reflection and debate to address issues on gender equality, identity, visibility and new social and family structures.


The guided tour through the exhibition will be an opportunity to introduce students to the work of men and women artists who develop their art committed to gender issues through painting, photography, video, sculpture and installation.
The tour around this exhibition hall will designed as an open space for discussion to deepen on the topics covered by the exhibits such as visibility, social criticism, as well as tribute and recovery of historical memory of women, and the analysis of the complex transformation of female identity. However, emphasis will be given to gender issues concerning the students participating in the activity.


The workshop activities will be directly applied to the works in the exhibition of the "10th Visual Arts Call mulier, mulieris". The selection of participating works will be held in early January 2016 and it will be at the end of this month when final proposals will be ready to make up educational activities.

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Target audience:
secondary and upper-secondary school students
Workshop Duration: 2h. 30m.
Max number of participants: 35
from 21 Mar 16 to 12 May 16

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