// 23.02.2024 - 28.04.2024 / Sala CUB

mulier, mulieris 2024

Marga Cano, Lucía Cassiraga, Sueli S. Ferrer, Beatriz Freire, Mònica Galera Vernet, Elena Jiménez, Elena López Martín, Mar Lozano Reinoso, Concha Martínez Montalvo, Liz Mas, Eva Mauricio, Monica Mura, Alicia Palacios-Ferri, Pascual+Vincent+Águeda, Reyes Pe, Concha Ros, Gloria Segura, Roberta Stubs, Daniela Torrente, Jana Viudes

One more year, the mulier, mulieris Biennial Visual Arts Contest, organised jointly by the offices of two UA vice presidents (Culture, Sports and Extracurricular Activities, on the one hand, and Equality, Inclusion and Social Responsibility on the other), provides a plural platform for constructing new female imaginaries through contemporary art.

The 15th mulier, mulieris Contest received 69 entries – all of which were excellent and diverse – from national and international artists. The 20 selected projects explore a multifaceted and complex reality, seeing museums as ideal places for artists to analyse current concerns and the challenges we are all facing: the role of care work and affection; gender biases and their impact on identity construction; the effects of globalisation or new technologies, especially on women; elimination of sexist prejudices and stereotypes that undermine women’s integrity, dignity and worth… and, of course, the importance of women’s memory and legacy.
The selected artists (20 women, 2 men) share their reflections with us from multiple perspectives, from more intimate and introspective ones to those focused on society as a whole, solidarity and activism. Their many voices speak through a wide range of art forms, including painting, textile art, engraving, video, sculpture or installation.

Like in previous years, there is an educational side to this initiative. The Museum offers a programme of activities targeted at different audiences. Through them, we want to make citizens learn and think, so as to encourage respect and solidarity.
All in all, the works exhibited here prove that art merges ethics, aesthetics and creativity, allowing it to broaden our views, raise awareness and, at long last, transform society. In other words, art makes us understand that respect, preservation and care – usually associated with women – are essential to building a fairer future, with solidarity and inclusiveness as guiding principles.

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